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Best suited species for Azalea Bonsai AKA: Although the Azalea is actually a shrub its hardy nature suits and works extremly well for the art of bonsai.The most popular species for bonsai includes the Satsuki.Which originated in japan and is more dwarf like. Other species of Azalea are West coast azalea - occidentale,Orange reds - austrinum, calendulaceum, cumberlandense, flammeum, prunifolium, Fragrant whites - alabamense, arborescens, atlanticum, viscosum,Odd pinks - canadense, vaseyi",Fragrant pinks - canescens, periclymenoides, prinophyllum

The Azalea Bonsai ( satsuki ) produces multiple colored flowers on the tree.

Lighting: The Azalea Bonsai prefers filtered light and partial sun. Do not expose Azalea to direct spring or summer sun.

Watering: The soil should be kept damp. If available rain water is best for your Azalea Bonsai. Avoid allowing the roots to dry out this would be fatal to the tree.If water being used is high in lime you may want to repot each year inorder to increase the soil acidity.

Feeding: Slow acting organic fertalizer is best fed every 20-30 days early spring through late autumn.Azalea Bonsai Micro nutrients would be beneficial routinely. If you have repotted your Azalea Bonsai in the spring avoid feeding until autumn.

Repotting: After the flowers are gone in the spring you may repot. A good rule of thumb is every year for a young tree and 2-3 years would suit an older tree.Azaleas being a dense growing tree you should avoid soil with fine particles.

Pruning: Late summer is best for pruning new shoots and branches. Sealing compound works best for Azalea Bonsai.Spring through summer is appropriate for wiring. A good tip is to wrap wire with raffia to protect the braches during wiring.If you skip watering the day before this will help make the branches much more flexible. Be cautous when bending branches.

Warning: Azalea Bonsai can suffer from any of the following Aphids, lacebugs, white fly, leafminers, spider mites, scale, stem boreres. Diseases include petal blight, leaf gall, mushroom root rot.

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One of the first items you need to select when making a bonsai garden is the container.   The container sets the tone for the for the style and variety of plants used in the project.  Choosing an appropriate shape for the container as well as the color are vital to producing an excellent bonsai garden.