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Popular Ginkgo Bonsai species: Ginkgo biloba Aurea, Ginkgo biloba Chichi icho,
Ginkgo biloba Fastigiata, Ginkgo biloba Laciniata, Ginkgo biloba Pendula,Ginkgo biloba Variegata.

Feeding: Ginkgo Bonsai is best fed two times per month.

Watering: Ginkgo does best when the soil remains fairly dry. This is not a Bonsai tree that needs to be placed in a humidity tray. It is most important during winter to pay close attention to the soils dampness which can cause frost damage to the root.

Repotting: Ginkgo Bonsai does best in taller pots than traditional shorter container due to the fact they are prone to frost damage.Repot during early spring once a year for young Bonsai trees and every two to three years for mature bonsai tree. The ginkgo Bonsai does well in basic soil but will flourish when using a well draining soil and adding 10 percent coarse sand with grit will keep Bonsai happiest.

Pruning: When young Ginkgo Bonsai will have an open branch structure only older trees will be dense so it is best to shape Ginkgo to its natural shape. The Ginkgo does not heal from pruning so it would be advised to not cut large branches. Attempt to only prune young shoots.Broom would be the optimum Bonsai style for this tree.Not much wiring will be required for the ginkgo making it a bit easier to maintain.Keep in mind the bark is sensitive so be sure to use very light aluminum you may want to try securing with raffia to help prevent any scaring.

Pests and Disease: Ginkgo Bonsai is nearly pest free and tolerates pollution well adding to its beginner bonsai enthusiast list.

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Each style of bonsai, of which there are many, should display harmony and balance in plant groupings and containers chosen.  Each bonsai must create the image of being a miniature form of a full size tree which causes an inspiration from nature.