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Best suited species for the grape Bonsai:  American bunch grape Vitis (Vitis labrusca)AKA: fox grape, the Muscatine grape (V. vinifera) glory vine, European grape, river bank grape, are just a couple of varieties that do well for Bonsai.

Lighting: Grape Bonsai does require full sun and does best outdoors.The grape bonsai can be kept indoors as long as it is not exposed to dry heat which will damage the plant due to dehydration. Grapes can adjust to cold conditions but would need to have been dormant first.

Feeding: Miracle gro works very well for all Grape Bonsai species. Heavy fertilizing is best done in the fall.You should alternate fertilization using miracle gro and Miracid weekly.By using this combination By spring clusters of flowers will appear from out of the leaves. When the Grape tree blooms with flowers and fruit you will then fertilize with miracle grow weekly.

Watering: Grape Bonsai does require more water than many Bonsai trees so be sure to maintain moisture in this Bonsai plant with sufficient amounts of water. If you have the opportunity rain water seems to make these dwarf trees happiest.

Pruning: Grape Bonsai tend to grow vine like in order control its style and shape it is recommended to pinch elongated stems and remove most of the leaves.
Midwinter is the best time for pruning and wiring.Inorder for the grapes to flourish on the tree results are best when vines are pruned when dormant.Grape Bonsai tend to grow their grapes following spring.

The Grape bonsai being one of the most impressive of all bonsai trees does classify it as difficult and not suggested for the beginner bonsai enthusiast. For the novice bonsai artist this can be one of the most satisfying and creative bonsai projects tackled.

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There are an extensive amount of specialized tools available for bonsai gardeners to use.  Always purchase good tools because they will perform much better and last the life time of your hobby.  The most important tools are those used for pruning and wiring.  Good tools will help keep your bonsai garden in good shape.