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Bonsai Growing Kit - Red Maple

Bonsai Growing Kit - Red Maple

Bonsai Growing Kit - Red Maple

The art of bonsai begins with a tree! This appealing germination kit gives the bonsai enthusiast everything needed to start a tree from the very beginning - from seed. That means total control for shaping the tree into an utterly unique bonsai masterpiece!
    If you transfer it out of a pot to landscape:
  • Grows up to 60' in height
  • Grows up to a 45' diameter spread
  • Best in zones 3 to 9 (find your zone here)
  • Both indoors and outdoors
Tree Sizes
1-2 Year-old tree; 5" - 18" tall

2-4 Year-old tree; 4" - 30" tall

3-8 Year-old tree; 8"-30" tall

3-8 Year-old tree; 18"-48" tall 4 gallon

Growing a tree from seed is a magical and fascinating experience for people of all ages. Our seed germination kits give you everything you need to germinate tree seed - seeds, growing medium, a mini-greenhouse, and detailed instructions. Our instructions lead you through the whole process - from cold-stratifying your seeds to germination to transplanting.


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The Japanese Maple Bonsai is a very popular deciduous tree. It is also known as the Acer Palmatum. It grows into a very elegant and graceful bonsai tree that produces five lobed leaves that are green in the spring growing season, become darker green during the summer and turn to a purplish bronze color by fall. The Japanese Maple Bonsai works well as a single specimen or in a group setting.It is extremely attractive in both situations and thus very popular in bonsai group settings. The Japanese Maple Bonsai responds well to all bonsai techniques producing a great looking bonsai tree for even the beginning hobbyist. There are several variations of Japanese Maple Bonsai. The major difference will show in the color of the leaves. Some of the other varieties will also produce seven lobed leaves. However, the the spring/summer color of leaves will be green and the fall colors will range from purplish orange to bronze. Most of the Japanese Maple Bonsai are raised for their bright fall colors. The Japanese Maple Bonsai should be repotted every two years. This bonsai should be pruned twice a year - in both the winter and summer months. Good pruning by pinching back new growth will keep the size of the tree smaller and its foliage fuller. To view the best suited Bonsai Pots please click the following highlighted text  Bonsai Pots The Maple Bonsai should be fertilized from early spring to early fall on a regular two week basis. If the tree is being raised for its fall foliage color, do not fertilize during the fall or the colors will not appear. For more information related to bonsai fertilizers Click here for fertilizer Water the Japanese Maple Bonsai every two weeks. Do not over water this species. New trees can be raised easily from seeds. Cuttings taken during the spring will produce new trees also. For more information on how to grow your own bonsai please click the following highlighted link for Bonsai Seeds The Japanese Maple Bonsai makes an outstanding species of bonsai tree for the hobbyist. It is a very hardy plant that will grow well for even a beginning bonsai gardener. For more information on easy to care for bonsai tree's please CLICK HERE

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Japanese Maple Bonsai

Japanese Maple Bonsai

The most unique feature of this plant is that it changes colors with the seasons. It puts on an impressive show for you—turning from Spring green to orange and gold Fall colors, losing its leaves in winter, and then beginning the cycle all over again. It brings a touch of nature indoors where you miss it most.
  • Grows approximately 12" high
  • Container measures 4"W x 6"L x 2½"H
  • VeriFlora® Certified

Planted in a 4" x 6" x 2½" ceramic bonsai container, your Japanese Maple will measure approximately 12". Make this environmentally sound purchase through Organic Bouquet and express your passion for the earth!


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(Acer Palmatum "Atropurpurea")

Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree<br><i>(Acer Palmatum "/>

Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Tree
(Acer Palmatum "Atropurpurea")

Purplish-red becoming green in late summer, deeply lobed. Red fall color. Insignificant small reddish-purple flowers in May-June. Deciduous. Keep outdoors. Available 12 months a year. Will have no foliage during winter months.
7 years old.
14" tall.

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Japanese Red Maple Seeds

Japanese Red Maple Seeds

Propagation instructions are included with each packet.


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Heirloom Strawberry Garden

Heirloom Strawberry Garden

Imagine picking fresh strawberries right from your windowsill. These decorative little plants produce delicious, aromatic red strawberries, about twice the size of wild berries. They will bear fruit the second year, although in some cases they may bear fruit the first fall. Alpine strawberry plants stay compact and produce few runners, so they make great houseplants when they aren’t producing fruit. Your seeds will germinate in 7-14 days.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • FREE gardening gloves
  • Recycled steel pail 5.5” High x 6” Diameter
  • Organic / heirloom seed
  • Organic coconut husks
  • Organic soil
  • Growing directions

 For prices and ordering information please click the highlighted text Heirloom Tomato Garden in a Pail

Heirloom Tomato Garden in a Pail

Heirloom Tomato Garden in a Pail

Who says you can’t get good tomatoes year round? Tomatoes grown in a portable pail can be moved inside and will continue to produce delicious tomatoes even when summer is just a hearth-side memory. These beautifully packaged Gardens in a Pail include a leak-proof, galvanized pail, the highest quality garden gloves available and all the ingredients to grow exceptional mini heirloom tomatoes. Growing heirloom tomatoes insures bio-diversity and when it gets too cold, simply bring inside for year-round enjoyment.

  • 8" x 10" diameter
  • Organic seeds
  • Leak-proof, galvanized pail,
  • FREE high quality garden gloves
  • All the ingredients to grow mini heirloom tomatoes
  • You can grow year round


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Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree - Large

Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree - Large

Bonsai means "tray gardening" in Japanese. It is any tree or shrub species actively growing but kept small by skillful crown and root pruning. Of course, with this majestic maple bonsai, no care or clipping is involved. In an ebony earthenware pot, this silk Japanese bonsai features leaves of rich burgundy and green for exceptionally authentic appeal.



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There are many different styles of Bonsai that are being used at the present time.  These styles include formal and upright, informal and upright, leaning, cascading and, windswept, on a rock and groupings.  The most important identifier of a style is the growing angle of the tree in the container.