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The Bamboo Bonsai is a popular evergreen shrub used in bonsai gardening which is also known as the Nandina Domestica.   This family consists of the Chinese Sacred Bamboo, Heavenly Bamboo and the Sacred Bamboo. This variety of bonsai is tree not as hardy as other bonsai varieties and should not be selected by beginning bonsai gardening hobbyists with limited bonsai care experience.

However, this the Bamboo Bonsai makes a great indoor bonsai tree and produces  long narrow, pale to light green leaves when the shrub matures.  Immature Bamboo Bonsai produce leaves that appear to be stained and shaded red during the spring/summer growing season.  In the fall the evergreen leaves take on a pretty purple hue.

Occasionally the Bamboo Bonsai will develop a white cluster of flowers during the summer months.  If the shrub flowers a fruit will soon follow.  These flowers will ultimately produce a scarlet or white fruit. 

The Bamboo Bonsai should be repotted every two years during the spring season.  The shrub should be continuously pruned in the summer by pinching back new growth.  This will help maintain the smallness of the shrub as well as cause the shrub to become more full and bushy.

The Bamboo Bonsai should be watered every two weeks.  If the potting soil becomes too dry, immerse the plant about half way into a larger pot filled with water.  Once the potting soil becomes moist again, remove the plant from the larger pot.

The Bamboo Bonsai can be easily grown from seeds and is a great shrub to start from seed.  Cuttings done in the summer can also be used to grow new bonsai trees.

The Bamboo Bonsai is a very attractive bamboo species that responds well to most bonsai techniques.  However this variety does require much care and is not one of the most hardy indoor bonsai trees.

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