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The Zelkova Bonsai has three main varieties - Japanese Elm, Japanese Zelkova and Saw-Leaf Zelkova.  This variety of bonsai is also known as Zelkova Serrata.

The Zelkova Bonsai is a deciduous tree, very tall with smooth gray bark and very long erect branches.  The v produces dark green oval shaped leaves with serrated edges.  Tn the fall the color of the leaves gradually become shades crimson, bronze, orange and yellow.  The fall foliage color is extremely beautiful in both formal and informal bonsai gardens.

The Zelkova Bonsai is well suited for most bonsai techniques and is extremely attractive when used in group settings, especially in the fall when the leaves change color.  This variety of bonsai needs to repotted annually for its first ten years of growth.  Subsequently, repotting should be accomplished every two years in the spring.

The Zelkova Bonsai should be pruned every winter.  During the spring and summer months, new shoots should be pinched back to enhance the style of the bonsai tree.  New shoots should be trimmed back so they only have two or three maximum of leaves on each shoot.  Remove any large leaves which will occasionally grow, to maintain the small size of the tree.

The Zelkova Bonsai should be watered every two weeks.  Add a strong nitrogen fertilizer for plant food during summer waterings.  Do not over fertilize this variety and make sure you only fertilize during the summer months.

New plants can easily be grown from seeds or soft wood cuttings as long as the cuttings are taken during the summer.  Seeds will do well during most seasons and grow well.

The Zelkova Bonsai is viewed as one of the mainstay bonsai trees.  It is a deciduous variety that will work well in any style bonsai garden.  It is a very hardy tree that performs well for all bonsai techniques.  Therefore, it is an excellent choice for a beginning bonsai hobbyist.

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