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The Hemlock Bonsai is an extremely popular evergreen conifer used by bonsai gardeners.  This family of conifers is also known as the Tsuga Canadensis or the Tsuga Heterophylla.  The Hemlock is a very hardy shrub and can easily be used in both formal and informal bonsai gardens.  The Hemlock works well with all bonsai styles and that attribute makes it  attractive for gardeners and hobbyists to use this variety in their bonsai gardens.

The Hemlock Bonsai family also has three varieties that are very popular - Canada Hemlock Bonsai, Eastern Hemlock Bonsai and Western Hemlock Bonsai,  All of these varieties find lots of use in bonsai gardens.


The Eastern Hemlock Bonsai as well as the Canada Hemlock and Western Hemlock have a dark gray brown, rough ridge bark and produce dark green small narrow needle like pine needle leaves.

The Hemlock Bonsai is ideal for most bonsai styles and respond well to all bonsai techniques.  The Hemlocks usually have a distinguishable pyramid shape.


Young Hemlock Bonsai need to be repotted every two years.  As the evergreen matures, repot every three to four years.

Hemlock Bonsai need to be pruned during the summer months by pinching back new shoots.  Only leave a couple of needles on the shoots that pinched back.

The  Hemlick Bonsai  needs to be watered heavily every two to three weeks during the growing season.  Fertilizer should be added during waterings from late spring to early fall.

Either softwood cuttings taken in the summer or using seeds will produce new plants  The Hemlock Bonsai is a very hardy group and are extremely good evergreens for both beginning and experienced bonsai gardeners.  This is a good species to use in a garden - the results are usually excellent.

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Each style of bonsai, of which there are many, should display harmony and balance in plant groupings and containers chosen.  Each bonsai must create the image of being a miniature form of a full size tree which causes an inspiration from nature.