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Apple bonsai being one of the many flowering and fruiting trees suited for the art of bonsai transplant best from pruned roots.It is best to bonsai a apple tree which are alternate bearers meaning blooms heavily every other year rather than yearly.These Trees will bear the strongest color flowers and vibrant fruit. Apple bonsai will flower during early spring to mid spring. Fruit will set in the late summer all the way through the early fall. Though the apple bonsai depending on species can be a bit challenging it is most certainly very much worth the reward of fantastic fruit and flowers adorning this dwarf sized work of art.

Lighting:Though the apple bonsai does require quite a bit of sun the bonsai will not do well under a full sun of summer.

Feeding: The apple bonsai can be maintained with general purpose fertilizer but would fair better by using diluted manure tea fed on a weekly basis during spring all the way through the early part of fall. Once the apple bonsai begins to flower you should discontinue fertilizing until the fruits have set otherwise nourishment may be absorbed by the leaves and discourage proper growth of the fruit.Depending on the species variation such as Halliana verses Pumila. Halliana should be fed every twenty to thirty days and Pulmila every fifteen to twenty days.

Watering: When fruiting the apple bonsai will require plenty of water but during dormant periods does reduce the amount of water needed to a moderate watering. Never allow the apple to dry out this will damage the roots and kill the tree.

Potential Diseases and pests: Fall webworm, aphids, mites, eastern tent caterpillar, scab infection, fire blight and cedar apple rust.

A few suitable apple bonsai species: carmine crabapple,Siberian crabapple crabapple, sweet crabapple, Japanese crabapple, showy crab apple, purple chokeberry.

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Where should you buy your bonsai supplies like plants, containers and tools.  If you are lucky and live in a metropolitan area, there maybe a local garden supply shop that will have bonsai supplies.  Probably your best bet is to make your purchases on the internet.  There are many sources for excellent plants directly from the specialized nursery.Regardless of your geographic location, the internet and all its suppliers are available to you.