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The Acacia bonsai is difficult for birds and other animals to resist due to the seeds that are housed in its fruit with a attractive glossy finish. Acacias are often refereed to as golden mimosa and wattles. Even though the acacia does have gold flowers they are not easy to grow as a bonsai therefore cherished by many bonsai enthusiasts and novice alike.

Feeding: Feeding the acacia is best done during its growing period. If the difficult to attempt flowering of the bonsai specimen is desired a fertilizer with low nitrogen may encourage flowering. The bonsai tree can also tolerate standard bonsai fertilizer if desired.

Watering: Though misting on a daily basis is preferred by the acacia bonsai tree allowing its soil to dry is in between watering is suggested but be prepared you will loose foliage.

Lighting: Acacia bonsai does best under full sunlight.

Repotting: depending on the age Acacia does well being repotted every 2 to 4 years. low organic, fast draining soil is best and they grow well in acid or alkaline soils.

Possible afflictions: Aphids, mites, flies and sometimes anthracnose can infect the leaves of the acacia bonsai.

Popular Acacias used for bonsai: Smalls Acacia, Texas Huisache, Acacia baileyana, Wattle, Golden Mimosa, Tamarindillo,


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One of the first items you need to select when making a bonsai garden is the container.   The container sets the tone for the for the style and variety of plants used in the project.  Choosing an appropriate shape for the container as well as the color are vital to producing an excellent bonsai garden.