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Cherry bonsai being one of the more popular bonsai tree amongst Japanese bonsai must be designed properly in order to maintain its beauty while not in bloom. Even though a challanging bonsai plant it still remains popular.

Cherry bonsai prefers full sun with the exception of the summer months which it would need semi shade inorder to thrive.
Temperature preferences widley vary according to species they all have very different requirements depending on origin.

Cherry Species well suited for bonsai: Prunus apetala, Choji cherry, Prunus yedoensis,Yedo flowering cherry, Yoshino cherry, Prunus virginiana,Prunus tormentosa, downy cherry, Korean bush-cherry, Nanking cherry, Chinese bush fruit, Prunus avium,wild cherry, gean, sweet cherry, mazzard, double-flowered mazzard, Prunus campanulata, Formosa cherry, Taiwan cherry , Carolina laurelcherry,Hally Jolivette cherry, Fuji cherry, Prunus japonica, Japanese single bush cherry, Japanese plum,Prunus serrula, birch bark cherry,Prunus pseudocerasus, bird cherry, Prunus padus,Prunus mahaleb,Prunus maackii, Amur chokecherry, autumn cherry, Higan cherry,Kiku-shidare sakura

Feeding: Feeding Cherry bonsai is best done every two weeks during the late summer after flowering is complete. General purpose fertilizer may be used at half the recommended dosage but liquid bonsai fertilizer would be best. Higher potassium is suggested at the end of summer.

Watering: During the summer months Cherry bonsai needs a more frequent watering routine. Getting flowers wet will cause them to rot so caution should be taken.

Pruning: The cherry bonsai does well in all styles of bonsai except broom.

Potential Dieases and pests: Birds tend to be a nusiance to the Cherry bonsai they love to eat their buds.


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One of the first items you need to select when making a bonsai garden is the container.   The container sets the tone for the for the style and variety of plants used in the project.  Choosing an appropriate shape for the container as well as the color are vital to producing an excellent bonsai garden.