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Cypress Silk Bonsai

Cypress Silk Bonsai

Enjoy the traditional beauty of a hand-manicured Japanese Bonsai tree with no pruning required. Calming tufts of artificial green cypress sprout from a realistic carved resin trunk, securely potted in a square resin planter with preserved green sheet moss as the finishing touch.

Cypress Silk Bonsai

Artificial Bonsai is a perfect solution for the individual who loves the look of and art of bonsai but does not have the time or green thumb necessary to do the necessary gardening that bonsai plants require.  Bonsai is a very popular hobby for many people.  These people enjoy the tasks associated with growing your own bonsai garden.  Watering, pruning, styling, repotting and fertilizing are not required by your Artificial Bonsai.  To create and maintain a bonsai garden requires lots of detailed care,  Some people don't have the time or travel and are not available to provide the care necessary for a live bonsai garden.  For this group of people, the answer is an artificial bonsai tree - yes a fake bonsai tree.

Why not artificial bonsai?  We have artificial everything in our life styles these days especially in the horticulture area.  There are silk plants, silk flowers and silk trees. Why not apply those technologies to bonsai?  Many companies have done so and produce artificial bonsai trees that look so good that it is difficult to tell the tree is not real.

Most of the artificial bonsai plants and trees are pre-made and sold as is.  The same is true for silk flower arrangements.  However there are companies who will make a custom bonsai tree for you.  You give them your specifications such as variety, size, style, etc and a custom artificial bonsai is made for you.

Check the quality of the artificial bonsai you purchase.  Remember you pay for what you get.  There are some very inexpensive artificial bonsai trees for sale on the market and there are some very expensive artificial bonsai trees also available.  Make sure you are happy with the quality you purchase.

Another variation of artificial bonsai is a preserved bonsai.  This is not a plant that is made from plastic or silk, but was made from an actual live  bonsai tree that was carefully preserved to capture its natural fragrance, color, texture and look forever.  No care other than dusting is required.  The look is fantastic and will work in any decorating scheme.  The preserved bonsai is the ultimate artificial bonsai available.

Care of artificial bonsai is usually a little more difficult than the care of a silk flower plant.  The bonsai usually has more intricate detail and its foliage,  leaves and flowers are much smaller which can make it more difficult to clean.  Most artificial bonsai can be easily and thoroughly cleaned  by using a can of air and blowing the dust particles away.  The can of air is the same as you use or could use to clean your computer keyboard. Another alternative would be a blow dryer which can be used on all artificial arrangement large and small.

If you love bonsai but for some reason do not want a real live plant, the artificial bonsai is the answer for you.  Buy one and enjoy.

Japanese maple small CLICK the highlighted text below to view.
Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree - Small

Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree - Small

According to the Japanese, the Bonsai plant, the shaping and surface of the soil, and the selected container should all come together to capture "heaven and earth." This small maple silk bonsai features leaves of rich burgundy and green for authentic allure. In an ebony earthenware pot, the display is indeed a utopian union.

Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree - Small

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One of the first items you need to select when making a bonsai garden is the container.   The container sets the tone for the for the style and variety of plants used in the project.  Choosing an appropriate shape for the container as well as the color are vital to producing an excellent bonsai garden.