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The Horse Chestnut Bonsai is not a common bonsai tree found in many bonsai gardens. The Horse Chestnut tree is a very large tree in the wild.  Producing a smaller bonsai specimen is not easily accomplished.  Thus, not many Horse Chestnut Bonsai are produced.

The Horse Chestnut Bonsai produces large distinctive foliage consisting of five to seven oval shaped leaflets.  Later in the summer season it will produce long stem, snowy white candles of flowers that will turn into the the easily recognized shiny mahogany brown nuts or seeds.  The nut or seed is very large - about the diameter of a silver dollar.

There are two popular varieties - Common Horse Chestnut and European Chestnut.  The botanical name for this species is Aesculus hippocastanum. 

The origin of the Horse Chestnut is from Europe - specifically the Balkans.  It is a deciduous tree and can reach heights of seventy-five feet in the wild.  The Horse Chestnut us an easy tree to grow and cultivate.  However, because of its normal large size, it takes a significant amount pruning and trimming to grow a Horse Chestnut Bonsai.

Once produced the Horse Chestnut Bonsai needs to be repotted every two years.  The tree must be pruned in the winter as well as constant trimming during the spring/summer growing season.  The Horse Chestnut Bonsai produces a very large leaf.  By removing all of the leaves during the summer will significantly reduce the size of the replacement leaves.

The Horse Chestnut Bonsai needs to be fertilized from spring to fall approximately every two weeks when the plant is watered.

The Horse Chestnut Bonsai is a tree that grows well from seeds.  By carefully trimming and pruning, a distinctive and pretty Horse Chestnut Bonsai can be grown.  It is very important to remove the leaves in the summer from young trees to reduce the sizes of the leaves.  This will help make the overall tree smaller also,  Although the Horse Chestnut Bonsai is a very demanding tree for care to produce a bonsai specimen, it is a very hardy tree .  The resulting bonsai tree will be very rewarding.

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