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Flowering Pink Serissa<br><i>(Serissa Foetida)</i>

Flowering Pink Serissa
(Serissa Foetida)

Beautiful pink, rose-shaped miniature flowers. This sub-tropical evergreen imported from Japan, blooms profusely with pink or double pink flowers. Small foliage. Excellent for beginner.

Flowering Pink Serissa
(Serissa Foetida)

The Serissa Bonsai is a fantastic Bonsai for beginner bonsai enthusiests. Serissa tree which produces blooms all through the year making it attractive, exciting and fullfilling. We strongly suggest the Serissa as a first bonsai. We also recommend Serissa when introducing the art of bonsai to children for it's ease of care, consistant blooms and indoor tolerance will not only keep kids interested in the hobby of bonsai but give them a sense of accomplishment as well. For additional recommended Recommended Indoor Bonsai Trees please CLICK highlighted text.

Serissa Bonsai has many species suggested for bonsai known as follows Serissa crassiramea,Makino serissa ,Serissa foetida Yatsubusa, Serissa foetida *White Swan, Serissa foetida Variegata, Serissa foetida rosea Tancho, Serissa foetida rosea *Pink Swan, Serissa foetida rosea *Cherry Blossom,Serissa foetida, S. japonica, Serissa foetida *Chinese, Serissa foetida, Flore Pleno,Serissa foetida Kyoto, Serissa foetida Kyoto Variegated, Serissa foetida Mt. Fuji, Serissa foetida Pink Mountain, Serissa foetida Pink Princess. For additional images and options of Flowering Bonsai Trees please CLICK highlited text.

The Serissa Bonsai requires good lighting and warmth but be cautious of heavy direct sun which can damage leaves. The better the lighting the more blooming will be encouraged throughout the year.

Serissa Bonsai prefers to be a bit dry between watering but never allow any bonsai to dry out for to long.

Fertilizing the Serissa is best done with organic fertilizer rather than chemical as with all bonsai tree's. Fertilizer should be given one time every two weeks during a growing season as spring through the fall. For Recommended Fertilizers please CLICK highlighted text.

Serissa Bonsai is a fast grower giving beginner bonsai enthusiests an opportunity to learn bonsai styles and techniques for pruning and wiring. For recommended Bonsai Tools & Wire please CLICK the highlighted text

Serissa Bonsai can fall victim to a number of dieseases and preditors such as red spider mite, wooly aphids & mildew.


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